Sept 11 , 2018

The 2018 Assessment appeal filing period has ended as of September 6, 2018.

Your Nunda Township Assessment Office will be working thru the appeals that have been filed formerly with the McHenry County Board of Review. The Assessment Team reviews each appeal and if possible we will try to resolve the appeal without the need for a formal hearing.

The Nunda Township assessment team has worked closely with many taxpayers during the appeal period. There has been a great deal of information exchanged between the taxpayers and the assessment team, which I believe can only help in giving everyone a better understanding of the assessment process, and in addition to leading to a high quality assessment roll.

For those of you that have worked with the office during the appeal period please remember the differences we have touched upon in regards to the assessing of property and the taxing of property.

The purpose of the assessment of property, is strictly a tool used for the apportioning of the tax burden which has been created by our taxing bodies to provide the services we receive. This burden must be shared equally by all of us and this we know is accomplished thru the assessment of our properties.

As I shared with many of you, the expansion of the assessment roll that is now beginning to occur is not a bad thing, as the assessment roll begins to expand and if taxing bodies control spending, and present reasonable levies and realistic budgets we should continue to experience lower tax rates.

The 2018 Levy process is fast approaching, and the Budget process will shortly follow.

The table below shows the historical dates of these important processes for your township. Please feel free to contact your township Supervisor, Road Commissioner, and Trustees (or attend a township meeting) and remind them what the impact of the high property taxes in our community are doing to your family and business budgets, and the tough choices that you are being forced to make. I will prepare a budget for your assessment office that takes all of these things into consideration.

Levy / Budget Year


Year Taxes Paid

2017 Levy



2016 Levy



2015 Levy



2018 – 2019 Budget



2017 – 2018 Budget



2016 - 2017 Budget




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