May 4 , 2018

2017 Tax Bills

The 2017 tax bills will be mailed from the McHenry County Treasurer May 4, 2018. The 1st installment is due Monday June 4, 2018 and the 2nd installment is due Tuesday September 4, 2018.

A look at 2017 Levy’s (Requests for Spending) and corresponding Tax Rates

Assessment year 2017 was the third straight year the assessment base has experienced an increase. The increase comes from a number of reasons such as, new construction, Reclassification of property and equalization factors applied to the assessment roll.

When the assessment roll begins to expand and Taxing Authorities hold the line on spending or hopefully decrease spending (Levy), we will begin to experience lower tax rates.

Based on the attached information it appears the median tax rate for tax year 2017 is $10.77036 per hundred dollars of assessed value, in comparison the median tax rate for tax year 2016 was $11.071245 per hundred dollars of assessed value. Based on this information the % change from the 2016 median tax rate to the 2017 median tax rate is -2.66% The median % change of just the 2017 tax rates is -3.62%.

Click To view 2017 and 2016 Tax Year Taxing Authority Levy (Spending) Requests. As you can see a decrease in the Tax Rate is not always due to a decrease in Levy (Spending) requests. The reality is, with the increase in the assessment roll if the taxing authority would have maintained a flat levy (request for spending) we would have experienced lower tax rates.

Note: The tax rates that have been calculated based on the Taxing Authorities levy requests (spending requests) that are on the following pages, will be used by the McHenry County Treasurer to calculate your 2017 tax bill.

Remember Tax Bill calculations are as follows;

2017 Equalized Assessed Value minus exemptions, multiply by tax rate = Tax Bill.

Remember exemptions equal tax savings, when you receive your tax bill, be sure and review to be certain you are receiving all possible exemptions. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office at 815-459-6140.

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