February 25, 2021

  The McHenry County Board of Review has completed the assessment appeals for 2020. The current posted assessments reflect final 2020 assessments thru the Board of Review Level. The McHenry County Board of Review final decisions will be mailed on February 26, 2021. Property owners that do not agree with the decision, are given 30 days to appeal the Board of Review decision to the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board.

If you choose to appeal the Board of Review decision, the 30- day appeal period begins with the date on the notice.

Below is a link to two videos that give an overview of the importance of the property tax as well as the mechanics of the property tax system. These videos were prepared by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and although they differ due to the geographic location within the videos, I do believe they provide insight into the overall process. I hope you find them informative.
Lincoln Property Tax Videos

Remember it is important to continue to monitor the tax burden that is created thru the Levy and Budget process. Taxing bodies are now creating Levies for the next tax cycle and budgets will soon follow.

Listed below is a brief history of the Tax Levies for Nunda Township, Tax Levies, the 2021 Levies were approved by the Nunda Township Town Board on November 12, 2020.


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