September 1, 2016

September 1, 2016 The 30 day filing period for appealing your 2016 assessment has now been closed. Your Nunda Township assessment team will now move on to reviewing each property that has had a formal appeal filed on.

After we completed our work on the 2016 assessment roll and our equalization factor had been determined, we were able to offer 38 days of informal appeals as well as offering you the additional time to complete your formal appeal. In addition, your assessment office was staffed for 14 days of extended hours which many people took advantage of.

As I mentioned above, your assessment team will now start reviewing each and every property which has had a formal appeal filed. Every effort will be made to resolve the outstanding appeals here at your township. We will be sure each formal appeal receives the same consideration that each informal appeal received.

During the 30 days of publication many people have shared with your assessment team the heavy burden Real Estate Taxes have been putting on families and the impact they are having on property owners lives. As we have met and spoken with many of you, please be assured I will be doing everything I can to continue to relay the messages we have received here at your township office.

As we move forward, please remember to be a part of the changes we are looking for in regards to the Real Estate Tax burden. Please become involved in the process, attend meetings, contact your elected officials, and share your concerns. If I have spoken with you or if you have reviewed material we have prepared at our office, you know I firmly believe that action changes things.

In conclusion, please continue to visit your Nunda Township website where you can review important information that is being posted, continue to monitor sales activity in your township, and review monthly meeting reports.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns, either via e-mail or phone and remember we are here to help.


Mark S. Dzemske
Nunda Township Assessor
C.I.A.O. - M

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